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About Meg's Miracles

The mission of Meg's Miracles is to help raise funds and create awareness for Stiff Person Syndrome research at the The Stiff Person Syndrome Center at the Johns Hopkins Department of Neurology so that one day each and every person affected by this debilitating disease will be able to get a better treatment and eventually be cured.

In addition to raising awareness, we want to be a resource of support for patients and their families battling this condition empowering them with tools to create more effective patient advocacy. This is all accomplished by educating both patients and clinicians about the disease; reminding them that they are a team and to work together to create the best possible patient outcomes. Longtime chronic rare disease advocate, Meghan "Meg" Bayer aspires to help be the change the world so desperately needs for those with chronic conditions like Stiff Person Syndrome and their families. 

Meg's Miracles is a South Carolina based nonstock corporation organized and operated exclusively for general charitable and educational purposes that satisfy the requirements of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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