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Taekwondo keeps me going strong, physically fit, and emotionally even. I am a 3rd degree black belt, a multi-time Pennsylvania State Champ, 10-time Northeast District Champ, and a 9-time World Champion in the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). I am very privileged to have had the experiences of a lifetime training under one of the most respected martial artists in the world, who watches out for me like the daughter he never had. I am fortunate that despite lengthy hospitalizations, my core strength has remained extremely extremely strong. It definitely helps that I am an athlete, so I generally heal faster. People often ask how doing taekwondo from the seat of the wheelchair works, and the very honest answer is that it probably takes at least two times more "perfect repetitions" to get things right or to come up with modifications. Even then, some things just don't work!

I am competing and testing next to individuals that are standing on their own two feet. I can't argue with my success through dedication and perseverance. With my instructor's permission and special permission from the ATA Headquarters, I am allowed to compete in the regular 18-29, 2nd and 3rd Degree black belts for all competition except traditional sparring. I did even managed to make through to the 2020 Northeast District Championships against 100% able-bodied people. It's all about fine tuning the details.

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